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in india oh she's available in the movie joint be the children's videos the gateway photo to brendan period during the george weston bush coromandel you can a little children with the job see don't need to go public lawyers read this in the kindle was photo as used to retreat. welcome back you're watching ninety live from moscow these are the top stories divers are set to make a final attempt to find twenty four victims of russia's pleasure cruise or disaster who are still missing while police make their first arrest attaining the owner of a company that brandow the bulgaria and a person who certified it safe to sail. and to washington where at talks between russia's foreign minister and the u.s. and the red state sergey lavrov proposes
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a new step by step strategy towards iran that may bring to iran back to the negotiating table over its nuclear program. rupert murdoch's media empire abandons his bid to take over britain's largest settle i broadcast there is a frenzy over a newspaper hacking consumes politicians and police. as hacking attacks go global nanny are looking for ways to secure their computer systems next starts he talks to security software mogul is getting a scarcity who shares his views on the acute issue. thank you very much for being with us today so i was just wondering did you or do you personally know of someone who is directly personally involved in cyber crime or are fortunately in all are because we are great far from these people the keeper
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of a good distance are about was it working with a set of police departments and different cultures so really nor did the bad guys from our contacts and police and or also from news. fortunately the cyber police force us globally to be there doing their job better and better your brain here so the a more professional and the i think that i called they were able to handle this simply so we see these people from the news are we see these people are in the underground internet forums are we see we understand this people from the joy of the door from the from the qur'an from the cybercrime trees and my money sure scored much from trees by our statistics showing one fifth of computers are actually we are watching this world but we are not in touch was it oh who are these people when you think
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about. lunatics or well organized criminal society or all in the past there were just still majors there are cyber windles which many. cyber attacks are and they were ordered by doses just for fun just to prove themselves. now and most of them disable criminals of each other even by profit they develop nowhere or they have dark. home computers or enterprises to still be information toward or be hands on this is. i'm still use of these sort of the networks and the hayward way of unfortunately the big profit from that. i'm to be honest. and banter there are another group. of people who are behind all the subjects we call them cutting it's people who are there were different motivation it's not money it's not perfect most of them they do it's like
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a protest just like that group that was revealed in the cases against wiki leaks yeah yeah i'm not it's just as i understand these people used to hack into these master card recently at will see i was wondering are these people who are idea driven more dangerous just than just hackers at it for money it's a good question and. i might for it i'm afraid they would be. more dangerous because they're much more this people there are many of them their way to professional and sometimes with the boats where the guys do for money these are less dangerous than those who would just for fun or like protest and it's even more dangerous because they are getting more experienced and they. take over but they use all new ways to hard to. stop the internet services go through them which their infrastructure by more free so there are
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the will be the police is for jurists to employ these forces i am a free in the future of cyber terrorism. will kidnap will force them. you know all the ways the war design and the and then cyber terrorism my books so i'm already it's huge i'm afraid it's really huge because we depend on rights you could depend on going through those networks everything their own it's just a computer. in cars in planes and in industrial environment i'm going to probation everywhere and unfortunately not everyone that works is designed in a secure way i'm fortunate that it's possible to do. a these systems in different ways so i'm afraid we'll leave in
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a very dangerous world which is super more dangerous in the past i'm afraid it's that's really too serious and that's bad news the good news and it's the government's for in the late understood that and i see that somebody put a lot of attention to the problem and i see that you scully we're these questions and they even started toward. the credit rating on the information level performing their performance so the only way to respond to a threat on that scale is with cop waiting with governments exactly exactly because that's what's the problem you see in the nation because the internet doesn't have borders and the money should scored for was a bit of the process their mission aboard this was a speed if they eat them so their only way to slow but the only way to make this world more secure more safe is international cricket ration and what they see as
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see more and more reports of growth in the national international meetings or news ations or projects that's a good news but the other side of the coin when it comes to government called ration with hackers or people who are creating or are fighting where's this is that last year for example. spritz concluded a virus called sex not it was used to attack and destabilized it was short lived in iran it was actually produced with state support for example israel could be united states. or cyber wars between nations like a reality already and we don't know about that we have just one incident and there are we have this information from well i personally have this information from two sources first of all first of all that's our money should support the virus itself and from the us because of the secret services or look it up for principle they don't report me so down from the court they see that these services this is
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a very complicated and very sophisticated money source. that's a very big project there was i think there was a group of for high end experts who designed it so you could have found that without government support do you think. i mean which i'm not sure. i'm not surprised that easy for our sort of portrait in the internet or both of the sources of this outbreak. that's going to smell i don't know what's in it but i think that's already close to the three. this is just the first incident. and then waking for a night storms and i think i'm afraid that in the future confrontations need to confront variations between conscience unfortunately will still have it i'm afraid that there are a blast or traditional mutant forces there will decide to meet the attacks on our soil that makes me even more in their voice and more but i know it's how do you
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respond to that. it's not that i would drop to protect this country is our job to protect and points i would drop of a group of brutal noble forms but we can advise governments watery to me to do because of this sort of. protection over industrial system so our communications or government sources i think. they are right we use to introduce me to the security just on the outs of the industrial systems critical in frustration. of speculation systems and which is really critical for the national security for the national you're going to miss our global security it's a global economy on a lighter note i read a funny story about you when you're checking in a hotel receptionist tells you how many got your last names except. virus what is
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it like to be like. always living with your alter ego or something i just. i just leave that. sometimes sometimes something sometimes it's are not easy. and. i would put it was my credit cards. i like the way it was scarce and it was a don't want to do to go tonight is there in the shops in the supermarkets nice to be the supermarkets. they are controlled or on the border or in the hotel or on their own but in four car offices where i need two of presenting i just got my papers i.d.'s for him and. from time to time. to be honest i don't even like them but only other hand i'm sure it has benefits because the someone says your last name is a credit card that they will not appear to actually. see when you think google you
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automatically think search when you see their x. and you think you automatically think photocopy when you. hear you don't automatically think to protect this is something that you would want to. use it with. and i think that's a good. book in the world. in that i'm sure i think it's already a history that was a computer security. maybe we will see that in the other countries so what do you think your success story could be repeated in today's russia or is silicon valley a better place for a business like yours. i hope i called that stuff to steal the razor right police are all for that right he projects for us don't perhaps steal their money or i would have done to the engineers and they're actually just
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you sure know typically dictation system still works quite well. and there are now the good news is the informational investor sites you start up investors at least thought that depleting the russian companies so much more than from them and it bounced so i think they're all this could be in the asian or far russia you commission system there are some i see it there once investment and the were there government support i think that's where the right components do have a better way where groups weighted with this so i'll call that in the rush and wait what do you think the brain drain has stopped us this going from russia to you know i looked in our store there are still there people in the green from crime to counter and some people leave are world so just from russia to the west or to the east or pulsar from other places are we going to michelle golland any employee of people waiting for a job or can just and most. it's not
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a big problem because you can't you don't have is it would have to be in russia right away at this point yeah that's right. i think that there are in some cases that much more that will be physically in russia because of taxation. if you're business star rectally depends on cyber crime if one day cyber crime is completely eliminated would that put you out of business. well that's my a year. out this way to be the dream. but have to be read about the store cytochrome and say very little have. these but i will present. but i don't afraid to blow the business or i think they will find something else. another drop another interesting. maybe i'm different project oh and also still i still want to work. using the rescue thank you very much wasn't an anchor.
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move. it's. just so.
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me. rupert murdoch's media empire abandons his bid to take over britain's largest satellite broadcaster as a frenzy over newspaper hacking consumes politicians and police. divers are set to make a final attempt to find twenty four victims of russia's pleasure cruise or disaster who are still missing while police make their first arrest the owner of the company that rented out the bulgaria and the person who certified it safe to say our. answer to washington where talks between russia's foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state's sergey lavrov proposes a new step by step strategy towards iran that may bring to iran back to the
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negotiating table over its nuclear program. back to tell the hour in the meantime andrew will bring the latest from the world of sports. hello there thanks for watching the sports good to have you company and these are the headlines. defending champions brazil reached the quarter finals because america along with paraguayan venezuela. while the u.s. i will face japan in the final of the women's world cup off to both sides come from behind in the semi. honorable does it again mark cavendish claims that she can stage win big shoes to order from. her first defending champions presume have reached the quarter finals of the copper america thought to win over ecuador seeing
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them top group three and they will play paraguayan next for a place in the semi's alexander plato and neymar scoring to go with a pasting to brazil my last day but i got the first header from the half not before to say that replies ten minutes later a lot of the bright brazil went ahead again. only for the school of the night to make it to. brazil russia told me and played i putting them ahead for a third time with half an hour left before nine i did before four to brazil then i finished i may finish top of the break. eric was that a part of why we're up against venezuela who had already qualified from group a but managed to hold out for a market three three draw to join him in the next round but israel went ahead room don't. parrot why we're back on level terms just after half an hour crowds finally
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send the ball over the line after my panic i don't suppose. i and then the wife and rags found themselves in front minutes like lucas part. scoring one of these goals of his life. five minutes left of no more time or fear or smite the free one show apparent wife victory but dramatic injury time so venezuela score twice round on making it three to. four back to pervade went up for a corner. and not it. for the equaliser it means venezuela finished second degree in a reply to you focused on paraguayan thoughts british and will face brazil. meanwhile the final of the women's world cup will be between the usa in japan japan came from behind to beat sweden three one in the semi so while the americans in france by the same school line learn chani put usa ahead after just nine minutes
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following could work at the very raw and. they stayed ahead into the few minutes into the second half sagna from past is long range pun dividing people hope so i like to make it one one. yes i press for a winner and coffee everyone can have one back for a meeting a corner of eleven minutes from my knee and stop alex morgan embrace telling my niece to see thinking sure they might stand by spying in frankfurt going to hang. out in the other gang thank you for your place had been spoiled an early lead against japan following state by sourav. but japan then responded with three goals of their own power seemingly equalizing just before half time here and that was followed by another strike from sa make me hope you missed that. play for power soon we got
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a second to make it three one brilliant lobe which puts japan into the rooms beyond the first time be held in the same stadium on sunday against the two time it was the us. some transfer news. nashiri downing is only whites little pull from aston villa after both sides finally agreed on a trance the faith villa sign liverpool how to improve that initial breed of twenty four million those turning lose twenty six from now on because of medical and discussed personal terms of the reds a move the little push to make a major signing this summer already robert jordan henderson and charlie's out of iran face but his new club had a surprisingly stern task in a touring match against second take i'm wrong china i things look easy in the beginning liverpool led to nothing midway through the first fifty proof and they were called neck legs goals however one zone did pull one back right before the break to trial for one just five minutes. on
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a thirty and andy carroll adding a victory for the. men relaxed in the dying minutes and just survived a late late comeback by the high side. held on for a full three win and next heading for the lazio. you get yourself or probably get yourself. includes great minutes brain games and then lose games there's going to be some good things there's going to be some bad things but are stripy seasons for. english premier league champions munchie no heat are in the states and got their pre-season tour off could start a four one win over new england revolution but bottom of making league soccer's eastern conference gold in the first half mark levin broke the deadlock federico ok and made it so you know a few minutes later and all the revolution got one back off the benny fell out as free kick was deflected united responded with a couple more makita got it right before chiefs and ran things off nicely ten
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minutes to go united thank you card guy next on july twenty. fifth the tour de france heading to the pier in a stage eleven was the last. dancer sprint is to grab some glory for a few days and britain's mark cavendish made sure he got his third stage win with an explosive finish to claim the green points jersey one frenchman to miss falkner keeps the overall lead as yellow jersey cavendish came to make up for his narrow loss to under the good people the day before and again was indebted to the hard work of his a.t.c. teammates they took up the pace at the front of the peloton to chase down a six man breakaway there and eventually swallowed them up with just two kilometers to go. it was then elbows out his team's jockey for position at the front cavendish top themself in behind to make mark renshaw the negotiated a path through to make them their default have on the left pulls out from behind kick start and no one can catch him eighteenth tour de france stage one of his
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career he also takes the sprinters green jersey well thomas voeckler keeps the yellow jewels. of the new skulls open championship gets underway in canton england today with the first place teeing off in just under an hour's time u.s. open winner. is aiming for a second straight major while there are also some big names missing from this year's tournament as constantine pitot perth reports. the highest paid professional athlete in the world to your wants is still the biggest name in golf however the fourteen time major winner will miss the all been due to trouble some left leg injury the thirty five year old's quest to equal and best allegedly reject nicolas total of eighteen on the big barrier for now i have higher guesses health back. kind of when again he went he went quite a bit again and you know right my record probably injury also ruling for muslims
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out of bulls oldest major in the most bizarre circumstances that forty two year old became the second local quit to win the french open at the start a little month and broke his leg after jumping in a lake to celebrate his victory phil mickelson and lee westwood i remember the top contenders as usual but bill flinty and westy have been struggling for form of late rory mcilroy e-stop of the build up to his stunning first major victory at the u.s. open the twenty two year old northern irish man choosing to take three weeks off towards meaning he hasn't played a competitive around since his greatest ever day probably a lot of pressure being put on him. which he says he's up for he is natural but is the pressure to get it he's going to be looked upon especially to tighten up play he's going to be looked upon as the new kid coming through so i think that can guide a go one way or the other that could give him confidence or it could actually provide too much pressure at the end of the day he has a great chance he's thriving all confidence because if the usa can win eight he's
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used to links golf he grew up on it is no reason why he ecology well look good also among the frontrunners after securing his first victory since becoming world number one at the scottish open great year and every bit every all that off his plate over here you know he's played very very well i've noticed playing well and playing great what a worker he is he looks a member of our current course at home and he absolutely is on the putting chipping green and bunker play and he's there all the time and he works harder than anybody out there we've seen that results however the thirty three year old english man will have to rewrite history as no clint has ever won the scottish open and gone on to win the british open. oh cheap. let's turn to motor sport in france's former dakar champion stefan petter hansen has won the fourth stage of the silk way
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rallied to a second in the overall standings insurance race in russia it was a second stage victory for the experienced frenchman who steered his mini all for racing with flair around the sudden thinking that i can but he is still trailing by just over two hours behind teammate christophe allow suits who came in second local dr alexander if you do god with third passes and he's also overall while in the trucks team come out as cruiser paving the way we operate moving up to third after taking the days on is there three more stage to go before the rally concludes in the lympics city of sochi on saturday. we mark top formula one teams red bull and ferrari will also be showing off their cars in sochi this weekend along with lotus and ren who bring their russian drivers trough and the organizers believe this event will help push the sport's popularity and the country socially. we want to show that formula one is beautiful we want people in sochi not only to
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see but also hear formula one because the sound can't be compared with anything but unfortunately the popularity of formula one is not as big here it seems europe but stan is the thing we must change and in turn that could attract more visitors to sort you've got which would usually do so that is the sport for the moment we've got more a bit later on but we've got the weather coming. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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